Who are we ?

Who are we?
Tia for Development and Management Consultancy is a consulting firm specializing in supporting and improving development and humanitarian work in all areas according to international best practices and standards. It was founded by a team of local and international experts specializing in development and relief programs. Tia aims, by providing its consulting services, to ensure the right to live for society and preserve its dignity; provide a safe environment for the beneficiaries. This is by supporting and improving large organizations to ensure their sustainability and continuity, supporting medium-sized organizations in their expansion in terms of geography, services, and the number of beneficiaries, and by supporting small organizations by contacting donors for funds.
Our Vision:
To be the first leading company in providing the best studies and consultations in the humanitarian field locally and regionally.
Our Mission:
We seek to develop means and tools of humanitarian work locally and regionally by consolidating the principles of governance and institutional development and providing strategic studies and follow-up and evaluation work for international and local organizations and service providers.

Preparing studies

Preparing studies and research that contribute to the development of development work.


Raising the level of performance in humanitarian work organizations by providing consultancy, Monitoring and Evaluation services to ensure sustainability and quality.


Work on the governance of humanitarian organizations and relevant authorities to become more able to respond quickly to the priorities of the targeted communities.


Expanding the base of partnership and networking through all agencies working in the humanitarian field to exchange experience and joint cooperation.


Why Choose Us

  • Experience and specialization

    We stand out as professionals with extensive experience in humanitarian work and access to funding.

  • Keep pace with development

    We are distinguished by being abreast of development and technology and working to automate humanitarian work and providing remote business and consulting

  • professional and professional

    Our attention to detail and our selection of the best experts and consultants made us the main address for local and international organizations at home and abroad.

Our History

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